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Laang taime no post here hope Maulanas are enjoying their respective goats This is in response to bombing of beeareyef cave complex

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Xerox Chori

Eet has been awhile, Major(retard)has sent in a glorious bost so as usual eye copy eet
and paste eet here

NATO helicopters committed unprovoked aggression by firing on two Pakistani border posts killing 19 soldier and wounding 11 others. There is no doubt that this action was deliberate. The location of the Border post was clearly communicated to NATO during a previous incident of taliban firing from the post at NATO soldiers, when Pakistan's tactical co-ordination officer (TCO) clearly denied that the post was Pakistani, or that the people firing from the post were Pakistani and that such a post existed at all. Despite exact GPS co-ordinates conveyed during such a denial, NATO chose to attack in a deliberate manner.

Brave Pakistanis building a Missile Launcher to fight back the Apaches.

Eyewitness (though the remaining eye) reports from the ground state that attack was unprovoked. Around 1am, when one third of the soldiers in the post were sleeping, one third praying and the other third distributing moral, political and diplomatic support to the freedom fighters doing legitimate protest against the occupation of their land by western infidel oppressors, NATO helicopters suddenly appeared and started firing. The brave Pakistani soldiers who were praying continued to pray undisturbed and those who were sleeping continued to sleep undisturbed and 35 were shaheed with 28 wounded. Initially the TCO was mislead that NATO was taking fire from a post 9 miles to the north and immediately denied the post was Pakistani. Only after 7 minutes he was informed that NATO was taking fire from the Volcano and Boulder posts where before he could deny that they were Pakistani, the helicopters had already attacked.

Standard operating procedures of the Pakistanis appealing to NATO were ignored. NATO ignored Pakistani captain Usman's repeated pleas that NATO will be given MFN status and the firing from the post will be thoroughly investigated if a dossier is sent. Usman even brought up the Blochistan issue and Samjhota express issue in a last ditch attempt, but it had nary an effect on NATO's aggression. Finally Captain Usman was Shaheed when he attempted to throw a grenade up in the air against the attacking Apache (which unfortunately landed in his own bunker). The Volcano post, which was under heavy attack also, was commanded by Major Mujahid, who attempted a brave rescue by down-hill ski-ing, but was Shaheed because the snow had not yet set in. This brought the casuality up to 21 Shaheed and 10 wounded.

Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani strongly protested this violation of sovirginity, by ordering closure of NATO convoys and boycotting the Bonn conference. Other measures are expected to be announced after he takes permission from General Kayani, Chief of Army staff. Pakistan's Ambassador to the UN, Abdullah Hussain Haroon said all legal recourse will be explored. Including appealing the case to a Neutral expert, following which it could be taken to a Court of Arbitration. Pakistan's foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar said that Pakistan wants to protect the world from Pakistanis, but enraging Pakistani citizens will only strengthen the hands of extremists and prevent political space for Pakistan government to protect the world from Pakistan.

Friday, December 10, 2010


AoA maulana Yell Yem has been very industrius past few week peelow are some eggzampule

Nikileaks: We will sue agencies!

NSN: Islamabad - it has come to our attention that certain agencies have been distributing authentic Nikileaks maal to newspapers in Pakistan for profit making purposes. Firstly this is against the tenets of the noble state of Pakistan and all that we hold dear. Second, dears may be held, as long as they are goats or goat like. Thirdly, NSN and Nikileaks went to great lengths to obtain the maal that we have shared with the public in line with our treasured principled stand of moral and diplomatic service that has led to the information being created and sourced in the first place. For the profit not to flow back to us is unpardonable.

We condom the agencies who have leaked our leak. There is no place for a leaking condom in our society, nor should any of us take a leaking condom lying down. We must protest, we must rise up - firm and proud! Otherwise the leak will be rammed down our throats and we will have no recourse to justice and our voices will be gagged and choked. This cannot come to pass.

Is this what our four-fathers wanted for us during our difficult conception into nationhood? Is it for this that we willingly gave up our benign indulgent rule over east pakistan?

It is time for the truth seeking missile of our public opinion to home in on target and shower us with the blessings of punjabi hegemony, sunni dominance and fuedal aristocracy within the benign bosom of love of our proud and valiant armed forces (who have excellent relationships with Americans unlike the hindu fanatical genocidal indian army)*

NSN and Nikileaks urges all pakistanis to leak and leak again - we must flood the nation once again with our truth

NSN - Leak-no-logy

NSN Wikileaks Ekjklujibh

NSN Washington DC: In startling revelations in the wikileaks diplomatic cables, it has come to light that senior US government officials including Hillary Clington, Mike Mullen, and Richard Holebroak have been seen by staffers as forcing Pakistani leaders such as Gilani, Zardari and even His Sinister Strangeloveness General Kiyani to perform mujra type dances to 'Munna Badnaam Hua' a well known Zionist adaptation of a cunning Yindu (haram) song that is currently being used to subvert the very fabric of Pakistani society, within the confines of Dupont Circle thana.

Insiders said that Gilani was made to dance in close proximity to Zardari whilst HSS Kiyani was gyrating in the background with his trousers rolled up above the knee whilst wearing a genji. Madame CLington was apparently cracking a whip whilst staffers said to each other 'see what we have to say about her!' excitedly.

Meanwhile, various tanzeems in Pakistan are very excited by the news that his Highness Al Saud has asked for various heads to be chopped off. Many were seen preparing knives and swords for the purpose.

NSN - Leaking it all over Pakistan, First

Nikileaks: NSN reveals contents of secret moral and diplomatic cables from Islamabad

Unknown Location NWFP: Secret cables from the Moral & Diplomatic Service of Pakistan obtained at great personal risk by a secret whistleblower are blowing the lid off Pakistani diplomat's views of various world powers. NSN has obtained several of these secret, top secret, and khatarnak cables and will release them for the betterment of principled stands on democracy and human rights. We have decided to call this 400% indigenous series "Nikileaks". Some excerpts below:

1. Delhi station: "their biriyani is better than ours" unknown staffer in Delhi is reported to have said before being sent to KKH works department for re-education

2. Rawalpindi station: "Red Lips massage services are really great" apparently a reference to extensive personalised contact with Chinese intelligence and relaxation experts

3. Khurram agency: "Americans suspect nothing about the transport convoys"

4. Islamabad agency: "Gilani has itchy hands" - context not fully understood

Nikileaks will bring you more from our field staff over the coming days
NSN - Leaking it Live, Hot and Steaming

Nikileaks Update

NSN brings you more secret cables from the Pakistan Moral and Diplomatic Service obtained at great risk by our reporters

1. Zardari does not take 10%: it has been shown through statistical analysis that for deals < $10M his fee is in fact 12.5% whereas for deals > $10M he charges anywhere between 7.86% and 9.99% depending on how many foriegn trips are thrown in or gifts are supplied for his son

2. Kiyani's dressing room: His Sinister Strangeloveness General Kiyani has a large dressing room with a number of mirrors and walk in wardrobes. Amongst the many uniforms hanging there are Batman outfits

3. Gilani's presents: surveillance shows that PM Gilani has been presented a package by HSS Kiyani. Later humint showed that it contained a Robin outfit, complete with tight green chaddi. It was unclear why there was a hole in the chaddi's rear area

4. Singh seen in dhoti: PM Singh of India was spotted shivering in his dhoti in a narrow dark place on several occaisons by the Pakistani ambassador who declined to be identified to maintain his anonymity

5. Madama Gandhi spotted in sari: rumours about the indianisation of Madame Gandhi appear to be true. She has been spotted wearing a sari in public places

6. Pak ambassador in Delhi: has decided to identify himself to avoid further embarrasment. It appears that he is regularly treated to spanking by dossier in the Indian foreign ministry as a lowly chaprasi

7. Americans suspect nothing: further evidence is pouring in that pakistan's extra smart military and the super sleuths of the ISI and the dedicated servers of the Moral & Diplomatic Corps have managed to convince the Americans that all izz vell

NSN - Hot Leaks Dribbling Daily

Nikileaks update

NSN secret cables moral & diplomatic corps, journalist, secret, danger, blah, blah

Zardari - Kayani wants to take me out - A senior officer of the moral and diplomatic support corps was told by President Zardari that General Kiyani wants to take him out. The President was very concerned because he had not been asked out on a date before, and that too by such a dashing and handsome fauji afsar. Visibly palpitated, the President was seen to be looking through this best clothes and suits to determine what he should wear when the handsome and dashing afsar came a calling to take him out. The president also wondered where the General will be taking him out, what level of expenditure it was likely to incur and whether he should 'put out' on the first date, or hold on a little longer. When consulted, the PM Gilani advised him that he always likes to get his hands-on during the first date and after suitably groping for the way may resort to deeper penetration. The president is said to have taken this advise on board, although insiders suspect that he might play hard to get for a few attempts to keep the General waiting a little longer. Analysts hope that the general's ardour is not diminished.

NSN - nocturnally leaking

Nikileaks Update

NSN - unknown location within ISI HQ Pindi: Our intrepid undercover whistle blower reveals:

1. ISI's in depth sleuthing has found out that
1.a. US Codename for HSS Kiyani is "Bad Boy"
1.b. US Codename for PM Gilani is "Naughty Boy"
1.c US Codename for President Zardari is "Silly Boy"

2. ISI intercepts of secret meeting between Holbroke and HSS Kiyani
Holbroke: "You have been a very bad boy, I have to take steps to ensure that you are punished. Take that you Bad Boy!"
HSS K: "Ouch, ouch, ow... atleast use the [garbled]-line... ow!"

3. ISI intercepts of secret meeting between McChrystal and PM Gilani:
McC: "You are a very naughty boy, you've been caught with your hands on the goodies [possible reference to nuclear assets]"
PM Gilani: "Ya, so... you want some?"
McC: "What?!"
PM Gilani: "I give you good price, she like my sister, I introduce you... good price effendi!"
McC: [garbled]
ISI note: Watch PM Gilani, he may be considering unauthorised sales of special assets

4. ISI intercepts of PM Cameron meeting with President Zardari
C: "Mr President, you really have been a very silly boy indeed!"
Z: "Come come my good fellow, we are men of the world, we can talk business"
C: "I beg your pardon?"
Z: "You scratch my back, I open wider... know what I mean? We are men of the world afterall hain ji?"
C: "Oh! I thought that secret stayed in Eton!"
Z: "Look at this baby... you want some?"
C: [garbled]
Z: "Now... about Bilal..."
C: "Silly boy... put your [garbled] back on!"

ISI Note: review intercept of call between Armitage and Powell from 2004 when he mentions "Bad Boy, Naughty Boy and Silly Boy in same conversation with Pres. Musharraf. Question: have the Americans been planning a deep cover operation with Gilani and Zardari since then?

NSN - Leaking like a sieve

Sunday, November 7, 2010

maulana Cheen may anad asked in doubt

Lalprafessar , i donot understand this. Our dear porkistan , land of pigs since 1947 ,is still virgin .... still virgin after 50 plus years of GUBO ... our leaderan , faujiban and taliban have peen guboing to kafirs and taking money for decades and still claiming virginity...
Is this plasphemy ? Should qureshi pe flogged for telling lies khullam-khulla ?

LM as ujual kleared his doubt thus

diyar chin pe anand al redlipsi

in order to lose sov-irginity, the maidaanhead should be broken
as ju know, the musharraf has no such impediment

ju can blast the musharraf every which way (pindi chana or amritraj) butt the technical requirement for sov-irginity remains intact

no such prablems in my sov-irginity fixing gufa, where we offer repair services for a modest fee (in kind)

Maulana Mahi going Lyrikal in praje oph 3 Jihadiots:

Saari umar hum
Dar Dar ke jee liye
Ek pal to ab humein jeene do
Jeene do

Saari umar hum
Dar dar ke jee liye
Ek pal to ab humein jeene do
Jeene do

Saari umar hum
Dar dar ke jee liye
Ek pal to ab humein jeene do
Jeene do

aah aa Amritraj....Na na na….Na na na….Na na nana na….

Give me some Baksheesh
Give me some vaseline
Give me another chance
I wanna grease up once again

Give me some Baksheesh
Give me some vaseline
Give me another chance
I wanna grease up once again

Kandhon ko Klashnikov
Ke bojh ne jhukaya
Rishvat lena to khud
Papa ne sikhaya
9% kickback laaoge to ghadi, varna Zardari

Likh likh kar pada hatheli par
Al Quaida Jaish ka chaala
Concentrated Ammonium-nitrate ne poora
Poora bachpan jalaa daala

BHutto to gaya
Benazir bhi gayi
Ek pal to ab humein
Jeene do jeene do

Bhutto to gaya
BeBe bhi gayi
Ek pal to ab humein
Jeene do jeene do

Maulana HaroonK added:

Bahtee hawa sa tha wo,
10% percentee apna tha wo,
kaha gaya usey doondo........

humko tho IMF thee chalathi,
wo kudh apni commission banatha,
gubo kartha, masti me chaltha tha wo.......

humko 72 ki fiker satathi,
wo bus 10% ka jashan manatha,
har deal me commission letha tha wo....

Bahtee hawa sa tha wo,
10% percentee apna tha wo,
kaha gaya usey doondo........

baluchistan me predator jaisa,
musharaff me vaseline jaisa,
1971 me niazi jaisa, tha wo,

hum sahme se rehte isloo me,
wo london me party kartha tha ,
swiss bank me transfer kartha wo........

more phrom maulana HaroonK

After listening to Genral kapoor,
The baki thought of his promised 72 hoor,
From islamabad to bahwalpur,
they shivered at the thought of being another Darfur.
It will take only 72 hours,
For the SDRE to show its full powers,
The baki will find it tough and it ij goin to be very rough,
As they shove a Cold Rod up the Baki's musharaff.

something phrom you know hu

Bakistan is a wonderful Place,
where from moojahids get fame.
Some nonWKKs watching are tense,
When they see the moojahids hit the switch to Vakum plast.
Some WKKs buy tickets,
To embrace the Moojahids getting their raisns.
There is a AdM who works hard to concentrate,
Then there are Maulanas who tries to make him frustrate.
There was an Amir who always made the right decision,
To help Moojahids who are out to accomplish a mission.
But these days there is a lot of chaos in Bakistan,
Because the Moojahids deliberately tread on the toes.
I hope Amir is returned sincerely,
So that everyone can live it happily.


Mussarraf Saving

Since ebil baniya yindoo bredaters hape been dandacharging yand wiping off Bojitibe neuj, eye will try to save some gems for posterity.

AOA ispeeking about a Danda pesh in khidmat of bious consinears

Carrying home
his nava danda
a Maulana walking

pointing it at the Moon
making a point
with his mighty danda

thousands of Leaves
shake in fear
but the sky is empty

One not Two
danda does
the Maulana have

Two not One
legs does
the Maulana have

cold Midnight
pounding rain
the maulana does

admist all this
gathering dust
his wooden danda
just sits.


By Brabessar LM

wah wah knee-ran-ullah al nipponi!
what a haikullah ju habh phekhed to the aud-i-ence!

as phor bhatullah-al-kaju-qatli... ju dare to kveshschun the display of lal-ness in public!?!

do ju naat know that in aaal eez fair in laav and taqiya? so, just like jarnail show laal-tipped green paint mijjile in public, seniar maulers (like moi) do taquiya in pablic with lal-houris to blend in with great satan (dron-e-charya nebher faar), whilst ju-near maulers (like ju) must perform the greatar jeehad in the goat shed, and even grater jeehad in the donkey shed. but plij to note IR photography of iraqui biraders doing animal husbandry on ju-toob - the donkey maast be sitting during the performance of its role in jeehard. us sea-nears perform these sacrifices for ju and ju dont appreciate?
what is warld coming to?

by Anu-bin-jaan

Internashunal Community Should Help Themselves by Helping Pakistan Help Themselves to Cashmere

Here ij my help to bopularise to the 400% brilliant artecal “International Community should help themselves by helping Pakistan” which helpfully concludes

Consequently, what the United States needs to do, and this is not at all an easy job, is bring the Kashmir issue to the forefront. If they can come to some sort of conclusion concerning Kashmir, Pakistan will have no use for terrorist cells and hence create a more stable Subcontinent. Pakistan will be able to focus more on their economic welfare and the wellbeing of their citizens.

Such a clear articulation for the end of terrorist activitiej has never been written on the internets. Hugely encouraged, I wish to jump into the Jeehaard and contribute as well. Here is my 400% endorsement titled “Internashunal Community Should Help Themselves by Helping Pakistan Help Themselves to Cashmere”

To understand the phenomenon of the terrorijt infestation in Pakistan, it is imbortant to understand the relevanje of Cashmere issue and the part it plays in forcing Pakistan to train moojahids to fight in far away places. As it ij well known, in the past 4 years Pakistanis were implicated (and in many cases convicted) for terrorism in

China (Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region)
Russia (Chechnya)
Uzbekistan (Tashkent, Ferghana valley)
Southern Philippines
Saudi Arabia
South Korea

And that ij just a few places yours sachly got in 5 minutes of Google News archive search.

Look at the list of blaces that will benefit if Cashmere ijjue is solved!! If you ask “What do these places have to do with Cashmere and why are Pakistanis & Pakistani trained terrorijsts attacking them?” you are most probably a Joo working for CIA, RAA or Mossad out to defame Pakistan. On the other hand, the first thing that should come to any Batriotic Pakistani’s mind is “Whoa!! There is a place called Dagestan? And our moojahids know enough geography to go there and set off bums?” YES!! And this is precisely the reason why even though Yemen is increasingly showing botential to challenge this record, WE ARE STILL NO 1!! AK Phyrr in air!!

Okay I got carried away and I digress.

Where were we? My support for an article which articulates why Cashmere is a normal and legitimate explanation for using the State apparatus of Pakistan to terrorize the population of a neighbouring country by randomly killing innocent civilians.

Going back to the list, look at the size of the Internashunal community that can help themselves by helping Pakistan help themselves to Cashmere!! Ofcourse, this will not solve *all* terrorijam and will leave a few countries behind. Like Denmark (Stop drawing cartoons you Kuffars!!), Switzerland (Build more Minarets!!), Norway (Stop giving out Nobel brizes to Chinese dissidents!!), US (FREE DAUGHTER OPH PAKISTAN AAFIA!!). But that is for a later analysis on how remaining terrorism can be tackled. Right now let us stay with supporting the low standards of conduct the State has set for itself


PS> Several beepuls have pointed out inconsistencies and addishuns to this blog post and I am listing them here.

A reader feels left out that Pakistan’s accomplishment in Thailand has been ignored. 400% abologies! Pakistan trained moojahids have spread Pakistan’s name far and wide in Thailand as well.
A reader points out that Dagestan is a Russian province. Another reader says that Dagestan is not a country at all, but is probably a Joo kanspeerajy to defame Pakistan’s image and RAA, CIA and Mossad are probably partners in this kanspeerajy. I agree with both.
Another reader points out that Pakistani moojahids going to Dagestan is 400% proof of the wholesome madrassa educashun preparing people with real world skills. Who said real-world subjects like Geography are not taught in madrassas hain?
Another reader says that the internashunal community is obligated to help Pakistan and quotes one of my tweets
“Pakistan is doing the whole world a favour by being Pakistan. Would you rather have your country be Pakistan hain?”


breeteesh like to eat "toad in the hole" whereas
amreekis like to go in the poak hole (phor gooobow)
on the other haath...
cheenis like to eat poaks whole with steamed toad

by Maulana Mahi

What is the difference between MMS and Yusaf Raza Gilani?

MMS supports freedom of press

Gilani supports freedom to press( ask Sherry)

to which maulana LM replies

MMS pressures the G20
Gilani pressures the 36B

MMS focuses on booms
Gilani focuses on boobs


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

IED Muparak to Plog

Diyar Mullaj,

Thij plog ij shaheed. It ij a sad din indeed. Blij to point Mullaj to new plog. Maype, biradars need to move to Teetar, hain?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

IED Muparak phor Major Butt (Retarded)

Diyar Mullaj,

I am dekho-ing a very sad khabar. Our peloved Major ij now Allah to pyaara. Blij to join me in 72 seconds of khamoshi.

It ij 400% a RAA conjbiracy! Jeehaaaard!!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Deiyar Biradhers,
Pleej issue appropriate Fatwa against evil koophar who are making fun of bakistan's right to get
AIDS phrom one and everybody.

Hajaar lice and keede on their beards

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The real kahaani oph phlood

Wahamullah haj eggjblained to me what habbened. Blij to bay attenshun.

Bakistan's scientisht working in Khan Labs develobed a machine phor changing climate. They called it BAAP-e-HAARP. Maane ki Bakistaan Atmosphere Alteration Project.

The idea waj to hurt India, those kambakht who were stealing Paani-e-Indus.

BAAP would return the favor by stealing the monsoon phrom India.

Well, aj they say, the machine had some dejine flaw ... it worked 400% more than eggjbected ... the rest ij history.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Conspiracy Unravels: India caused floods in Pakistan with the help of Chandra devata

Lahore, August 19, 2010.

The water came in the morning, quietly sweeping across the madrassa terrorist training camp and into the village. Within hours, it was as high as a man's shoulder and Abdul Nabi Fahadullah had lost his guns, his ammunition and all 10 of his goats.

Weeks after massive downpours first battered northern Pakistan, submerging tens of thousands of square miles, leaving millions of terrorists students homeless, those floodwaters are still sweeping downriver and through the south, adding one more layer of misery to the terrorists long awaiting the signal to cross over to India and reach jannat.

"This is the fate of the country," said another terrorist student, a bitterly angry man named Baba Hamitullah, who took a break from hamming his guns incessantly . "It is the bad luck of Pakistan that we cannot attack any Americans or Indians or even Shias and Ahmaddiyas." Behind him, nearly 50 members of his tribe — with their hamming guns, were ready to enter into new territory when the floods struck.

Speculation is rife in learned circles in Pakistan over the real cause of floods that have affected the country.

News affairs editor and met specialist Dr. Shivshuddin Shamshuddin Silani, who looks for theories in deep, spoke exclusively, "It seems a conspiracy to me. The floods stuck on July 29, 2010 exactly eleven months after the Indian Chandrayaan-I lost contact on August 29, 2010. The Chandrayaan-I might have caused some disturbances in the Moon's behaviour towards Pakistan."

"It's not just the scale (of the floods), it's the depth as well," said Martanullah Harnab Ali Khan, repeatedly emphasizing with his hands , the humanitarian operations manager for the aid group Pakistanis Beyond Pakistan. " Something seems amiss to me" said Martanullah Harnab Ali Khan, repeatedly repeating his dire forecast " A dangerous game is about to begin from the Indian side"

NSN decided to consult some specialists to bring out the real story.

Speaking exclusively to learned Maulana Daulip Mahabali Khan who lives in Bangalore, Kerala , it occurs that certain astrological calculations were taken into considerations before unleashing the floods on Pakistan.

Said Maulana Daulip Mahabali Khan, "The date the flood struck was July 29. The numerological total of 29 is 2 + 9 = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2. Two is the number of the moon in Indian numerology. The Indians claim every natural resource as their God and worship the Moon as Chandra Devata. As per a respected Indian jyotish scholar, Moon is the presiding deity of the element water, and rules over the tides of the sea. Moon rules number 2 in indian numerology. Now there are 27 Nakshatras of the Moon. Nakshatras in Astrology are the 27 constellations. Now, each nakshatra has a God and a Gana. On July 29, 2010, the Satabhishak Nakshatra was in effect. Interestingly, the God of the Satabhishak Nakshatra is Varun Devata, who is the God of Water and his Gana is Rakshasa. But the Devata is also worshipped for rainfall! Tell me do you see a link emerging here? "

After Maulana Daulip Mahabali Khan made these startling revelations, NSN decided to consult Mulla Haroon Goputra, different from a Maulana with similar name but interested in missile physics. US based Mulla Haroon Goputra, founder of the Pakistani think tank Khanakya Institue of Advanced studies, is well known for looking deep into the future. As per Mulla Haroon Goputra, something wrong has happened. " See, don't argue with me but Sha'aban is the eighth month of the Islamic calendar. This is the month of ‘separation’, so called because the Arabs used to disperse in search of water. Now July 29, 2010 was the fifteenth day of Sha'aban. Mid-Sha'ban is the 15th day of the month of Sha'ban. Sunnis observe Mid-Sha'ban as a night of worship and salvation. The 'date with fate' remembers when Allah saved Noah's followers from the deluge. The Sunni narrative is that Allah determines the destiny of all people, including whether a person lives or dies, in the coming year and for this reason it is sometimes called the "Night of Emancipation". The midnight of July 28th and the morning of July 29th was the same night."

The question then begs itself, like Pakistanis often beg, does it mean that India has influenced the Moon or Chandra Devata who in concert with Allah decided to rain down on Pakistan? In short, has Allah the mightyful abandoned Pakistan ?

Contributing editors:
Dr. Haji Partapullah, NSN Lahore desk
Mullah Mahendroo, Overseas desk, Ground Zero, New Yorkabad
Vakil Nayakuddin in Bangalore, Kerala for NSN

All dates and events mentioned are true as per the respective calendars.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Musharraf vijited Africa